Hip Flask

Hip flasks come in various shapes and sizes, we stock hip flasks in 2oz, 3oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz and 8oz there are also sizes as small as 1oz on a key ring and larger than 8oz but these are very large and not as popular as the other sizes we stock.Steel Hip Flask

Most hip flasks are made from two types of metal, stainless steel and pewter but can be made from silver and other metals, what ever your hip flask is made from you will need to look after it and not leave drink in the flask for any longer than three days after this time empty any drink out and rinse with clean water.

What will make your hip flask special is the uniqueness and this can be achieved by having it engraved, as most hip flask are made from metal then this is simple and makes a plain metal hip flask special, not only can you have a large amount of text added to hip flask you can also have a company logo added.


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