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Cigarette Case

Cigarette Case

Want to buy cigarette case, then you have come to the right place to find one, here at Tartan Trader we sell a lot of smoking accessories, cigarette lighters, cigar cutters and cigarette cases to name just some of the items we sell.

Cigarette cases are an ideal smoking accessory, not only does it keep you cigarettes secure but it will stop them from being crushed or damaged.

The cigarette case range consists of plain chrome cigarette case which can hold up to 18 cigarettes, several metal chrome cigarette cases that have different designs on them and also some silver plated cigarette cases.

With a large selecting of cigarette case we have on offer, not only do you have a good selection to choose from but we also offer engraving on them as well, so once you have chosen your cigarette case you can then select some text to be engraved on the case to make it more personal or have it engraved as a gift for a friend or loved one.


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