Add a personal touch to your gift: Get it engraved

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone is one way to let them know just how much they mean to you: But sometimes, deciding upon a fitting present can be a real challenge.

Engraving adds a personal touch to your chosen gift – elevating its status from simple present to treasured memento.

Whether you choose to add a thoughtful message, a memorable date, or a poetic verse, you can be sure that your gift will be treasured by its recipient, thanks to the enduring power of engraving.

What is engraving?

Engraving is the skilled art of carving intricate forms onto hard, planar surfaces. In the past, such embellishments were typically reserved for one-off pieces of precious jewellery, or as an essential step in the manufacture of printing plates.

Today it is possible for professional engravers to add a personal touch to just about any kind of gift product imaginable, but why should you invest in a personalised gift for your special someone?

Carry on an age-old tradition

Since the dawn of time, humanity has left its mark on the world and the objects which inhabit it: Literally!

From stone carvings dating back half a million years, to intricately hand-engraved jewellery pieces from antiquity – all the way through to the latest precision laser-engraved items available today, a long tradition of engraving has endured to this day, as a link to the past.

In a world filled with so many faceless, mass-produced articles, a subtly engraved finish really make a gift stand out from the crowd.

Create future heirlooms

Engraving adds a personal touch to any object: And the permanent nature of such a customisation ensures that your gift will continue to tell a story for years to come.

Let that special someone know how you feel

Sometimes finding the right words can be tricky, but when you do – few methods for conveying them will have as much impact as an engraved message on a beautiful gift.

What kind of gifts can be engraved?

In the hands of a skilled professional engraver, a huge range of beautiful gifts in all shapes, sizes and materials can embellished with that extra personal touch.

At Tartan Trader, we’ve made it easy for you to find inspiration, thanks to our fantastic selection of wonderful engraved gifts.

Some of our most popular categories include:

Anniversary_Gift_Glasses_CaseAnniversary gifts

Celebrate your anniversary with a special engraved gift, like this stylish chrome glasses case; With its slim-line, robust form and beautiful finish, your personal anniversary message will put a smile on your loved one’s face every time they reach for their specs!

Birthday_Gift_Picture_FrameBirthday gifts

Wish that special someone a very happy birthday by giving them a beautiful engraved present, like this spectacular double photo frame.  With its brushed, modern finish and freestanding design, it will look simply stunning on any mantelpiece, desk or shelf.

Wedding_Favours_Desk_ClockWedding favours
Say a big thank you with one of our superb engraved wedding favours, like this gorgeous silver plated shell desk clock. This sumptuously finished, practical gift makes the perfect medium for a beautifully engraved message.

Mothers_Day_Gift_Memo_PadMother’s day gifts
Let your mum know just how much she means to you with a personalised mother’s day gift like this beautifully-crafted silver-plated memo pad. With its timeless art nouveau styling and flawless, mirror-like finish, your message will look simply stunning once engraved upon its surface.

Fathers_Day_Gift_Hip_FlaskFather’s day gifts
Wish your dad a happy father’s day with a thoughtful gift like this classic, rugged stainless steel 4oz hip flask; With the option to engrave a personalised message, it will be sure to go down a treat, especially if you fill it up with some of his favourite tipple!





About Philip

The Tartan Trader Blog shows the lighter side of our business. If you would like to get in touch call us on 0247 6937 386


About Philip

The Tartan Trader Blog shows the lighter side of our business. If you would like to get in touch call us on 0247 6937 386
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